Studio Apartment Kit


From boxes to marker, everything you need for your studio or loft move is right here, in this moving kit! The best moving supplies are all encompassed in this set.



The studio / loft kit includes:

Studio / Loft Kit $109.99
10Small Boxes $29.9
7 Medium Boxes $27.93
3 Large Boxes $14.97
2 Rolls of Tape $7.98
10lbs Packing Paper $25
1 Black Marker $2.99
1 Queen Mattress Bag $19.99

All you need for moving from a studio or loft is right here in this moving kit! We designed this kit after years of experience in the field and after seeing what people usually need and use for these moves. Besides, we considered the amount of items one usually has inside a studio or loft. Therefore, we offer you a total of 13 boxes of different sizes, which should fit all your belongings. Asides from those, this package includes tape, packing paper, a queen mattress bag and a marker.

Should you need more boxes or paper, you can order them separately here.

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